A Level Plus

    For students looking to focus their studies on a smaller number of subjects, A Levels provide the opportunity to either specialise in one curriculum area or select a variety of subjects reflecting personal interest.


    All our A Levels operate as two year courses with final examinations taken at the end of the Upper Sixth. This policy reflects the national move to linear A Levels away from AS and A2 examinations. Students will take three A Levels selected from four option blocks. At Ryde these new arrangements create an opportunity for A Level students to be involved additionally in an enrichment programme which provides additional qualifications credited by many universities as well as developing a variety of vital skills and knowledge.  We provide a broad range of A Level options


    Ryde School’s new A Level Enrichment Programme has two elements; a core and options.

    Core: Students taking A Levels will also take The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  The Extended Project Qualification gives students the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of academic skills and show prospective universities that they are proactive, capable of independent study and have wider academic interests in and around their subject choices.  The EPQ is a well-regarded course and is equivalent to an AS in UCAS points.

    Options: The second part of the programme allows students to select an additional qualification from a broad range of options. These courses could include taking: a subject from the IB programme, AS English Language, an Arts Award qualification, a Level 3 Business BTEC certificate, Theory of Knowledge or the Informatics computing course.  For those students wishing to take A Level Further Mathematics, these lessons will be taught during this additional curriculum time. 

    A Level Plus subject option choices for September 2018

    We expect students to choose three A Level subjects, each from a different option block, together with one Enrichment choice.

    When choosing an Enrichment choice, students can choose anything from the Enrichment column OR they can choose an IB subject from the Group that corresponds to their free Option block, e.g. if they have not chosen anything from Option B, they can choose an IB subject from Group 2.

    Level Options
    Option A Option B Option C Option D Enrichment
    Design & Technology
    English Literature
    Theatre Studies
    Maths & Further Maths*
    IB Music HL
    IB Biology SL
    IB Chemistry SL
    IB Design Technology SL
    IB Geography SL
    Arts Award
    AS English Language
    Maths & Further Maths*
    IB Blocks Group 5 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
    Maths SL
    Maths Studies SL
    French B SL
    German B SL
    Italian ab initio SL
    Economics SL
    Geography SL
    History SL
    Psychology SL
    Visual Arts SL
    Chemistry SL
    Music SL
    Physics SL
    Psychology SL
    Theatre SL
    Theory of Knowledge
    *Students wishing to follow the Mathematics and Further Mathematics course must choose Mathematics and Further Mathematics from Option C AND Further Mathematics from the Enrichment options block.

    Please click on the following link to submit A Level Plus option choices for September 2018


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