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    We have heard the sad news that John Caudwell, the Art master at Ryde in the 1980s has passed away. His funeral will take place at All Saints', Calbourne on Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 1:00pm.


    Old Bembridgian Wing Commander John Wynne sadly passed away on 19 November 2018, aged 97. His obituary, which tells the story of a truly incredible life, was recently published in The Telegraph:


    We have been informed by the Old Bembridgian Association, that Sir Richard Parsons passed away last month.  A link to the Obituary from The Telegraph dated 20 May 2016 is below.


    Rob Morgan has informed us that his father, David Morgan (Old Bembridgian) passed away on the 5 December 2015 . 


    We are advised of the passing away of Gwen Sterk at 93 years old, following a short illness. Gwen taught at the Junior School duing the 1950's and was married to another Bembridge teacher, Ken Sterck. The funeral will take place on Friday June 3rd at 3pm in St Luke's Chapel, Bembridge, with tea to follow at The Spinnaker (previously Windmill / Birdham).  Old Bembridgians who would like to attend will be most welcome but are requested to inform Caroline at beforehand.  No flowers please.


    We are advised that Old Bembridgian  General Sir Peter Whiteley (pupil from 1932-38) passed away on the 2nd February this year, aged 95. Follow links to read his obituaries, which appeared in the Daily Telegraph on the 9th February and the Independent on the 13th February. 


    Ken Frogbrook, of Gurnard, who died on February 2, aged 75, was best known as the inventor of the Frogmat, a device to protect the shoreline from oil spills. Kenneth Henry Lee Frogbrook was born in Gurnard during the war. He grew up in Cowes, attending Ryde School.

    Mr Frogbrook spent his National Service years in London as a mounted policeman. On returning to the Island, he became a dairy farm manager and met his first wife, Jill. They had two daughters, Louise and Jenny. Mr Frogbrook’s unforgettable singing voice gave him lead roles in numerous musicals and his family were active members of Cowes Operatic and Dramatic Society. He worked tirelessly to secure the society’s premises, Trinity Theatre. This was acknowledged with life membership of the society.  While living at Wheatenbread Farm and dairy farming at Three Gates Farm, Mr Frogbrook was master of the IW Foxhounds and enjoyed hunting on his favourite thoroughbred mare, Tinkers Request.

    Mr Frogbrook moved to a remote Shetland island, Papa Stour, where he farmed a flock of more than 300 sheep. Here he first thought of Frogmat as a solution to shoreline protection from oil spills.  His love of animals led to the invention. While cleaning an oil-soaked puffin, he discovered the powerful effect of barley straw in the removal of oil from birds’ feathers.

    He married his soul mate, Denise, in 1994. Together they continued to work on the Frogmat with the backing of influential people, including Prince Charles, the Duke of Westminster, Richard Branson and their friend, Joanna Lumley.  The Frogmat significantly reduced the damage to the shore following the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska and the Braer oil tanker running aground off Scotland in 1993.  Mr Frogbrook’s focus remained on the environment and animals. Mr Frogbrook was also a writer and poet, publishing two books, The Luck and Ebb Tide. He loved his home, The Bakehouse, in Gurnard, where he and Denise settled.  During his retirement, he enjoyed his grandchildren, many animals and messing about in boats.



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