Boarding Life

    Boarders are supported by a team of dedicated staff. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of pastoral care with the emphasis on family values and well-ordered supervision. Comfortable and individually-decorated rooms for one, two or three boarders, cosy sitting rooms and play areas, quiet study areas with evening Prep supervision and tutoring all help to create an environment where pupils are able to study and relax. 

    Numerous extra-curricular activities are available at the weekends and evenings after Prep. Boarders can join in, study quietly in their bedrooms at their desks or explore the safe and extensive grounds surrounding the boarding house at Bembridge or the town of Ryde, if living in Spinnaker House.

    Life as a boarder helps pupils develop leadership skills and independence whilst living alongside pupils of all ages and cultures, giving them the opportunity to form life-long friendships. Excellent pastoral care, a family atmosphere and clear house rules and supervised study times create a calm, safe and friendly atmosphere where boarders enjoy their home and are able to relax, study and socialise. 

    “I have really enjoyed my time at the boarding house.  The experience has helped me to prepare for university and beyond.  Being a boarder is like being part of a big family – I have made so many good friends from all around the world, and I know I will stay in touch with them for years to come.” (Head of House 2014)

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