Design Technology

    The study of Design and Technology will equip pupils with a skill set relevant to an amazingly wide variety of careers. The subject not only encompasses investigation into modern manufacturing techniques, materials and the ability to manipulate them, but more importantly provides the opportunity for pupils to develop research and analytical skills and gain experience in project management. All viewed as valuable and transferable skills by universities and employers and a platform on which to develop study at a higher level.

    Design and Technology at Ryde is taught in a suite of modern well-resourced workshops within the Bembridge building, which was opened in 2012. This modern airy building helps to stimulate a dynamic and creative environment in which inventive pupils are capable of producing commercial quality outcomes developed from first principles. The workshops offer full metal, wood and plastics fabrication facilities together with a computer room in which computer aided design skills are developed.

    Pupils in the lower years develop confidence in using hand tools and are taught how to safely operate the machinery within the workshop, through a series of directed design and make projects.  By the time those pupils embark on their examination project work in Years 10 and above, they are able to work with confidence in all resistant materials including GRP and Carbon Fibre. These examination pupils undertake a wide range of client-led design and problem solving projects and develop an impressive array of fully working, quality outcomes.  

    Pupils are encouraged to work directly for a client which makes the design and development process both realistic and far more demanding.

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