Economics, Finance & Business Studies

    There are many options for students with an interest in the economic and business world around them.  The department has a number of courses, activities and competitions on offer such that all students should have engaged with the department during their time at the school.


    Economics is a dynamic social science. The study of economics is essentially about dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and the methods and processes by which choices are made in the satisfaction of human wants. As a social science, economics uses scientific methodologies that include quantitative and qualitative elements.

    At Ryde, we offer A Level Economics through the Edexcel board and the IB diploma Economics programme at both Standard and Higher Level.


    Finance is a popular career choice for many graduates and makes up a large percentage of UK GDP and exports.  We are very pleased to be one of the first independent schools to offer CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment) courses to our students. 

    At Ryde, the Level 3 Diploma in Finance, Risk & Investment is offered to our IB Career-related Programme students as a vocational degree.  This is the industry standard for working in securities and allows students to build on their qualifications, either at university or if they enter employment in finance directly.  The Introduction to Securities and Investment Certificate is offered as an enrichment choice to our A level students.  Both are proving popular.

    business studies

    Business Studies is an introduction to the professional world of work. Critical reflection, problematization and analytical problem-solving are important elements of the subject. It is also an interdisciplinary subject that incorporates knowledge from Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics and Law.

    At Ryde we offer Business Studies GCSE through the OCR board, incorporating a project to analyse a business and business plan, as well as investigating all aspects of a company’s functions.

    young enterprise

    Outside the classroom, we always have an active Young Enterprise group and Ryde regularly win awards at local and regional level.  We are taking part in the Bank of England Target Two Point Zero competition and have a number of teams in the ifs Student Investor Challenge.  Students are encouraged to aim high and engage with the world around them, through activities such as the WTO and Royal Economic Society essay competition, where students have been highly commended.  There are a number of trips organised by the department and we encourage speakers to come in and share their insights.

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