House membership and inter-house competition help to create a sense of pride and belonging at Ryde. We have four houses, Seaford, Trinity, Hanover and Chine represented by four colours, blue, yellow, red and green. Seaford, Trinity and Hanover trace their origins to the early houses of Ryde School whilst Chine reminds us of Upper Chine, the girls' school that combined with Ryde School at the end of the last century to create Ryde School with Upper Chine.

    Pupils join their houses in the Junior School and remains members in the Senior School alongside any pupils new to the school. Houses form the basis of form groups for the Senior pupils and create friendship groups and allow for competitions in activities such as sport, music and baking. Heads of House and Prefects ensure all younger pupils in each house have clear guidance and sufficient inter-house activity to create a bonding of all members of the house whilst learning important leadership skills themselves.

    The inter-house House Song competition , sports matches and competitive charity fund raising help to create team spirit and resilience. A house points system that sees all houses competing for the House Cup ensures pupils' focus is concentrated on working with their fellow house members to be the best they can be. 

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