Inspection Reports

    ISI Inspection Report 2014 

    The latest Independent Schools Inspectorate inspection took place in March 2014 and we were delighted to be graded excellent in many areas including the quality of pupils' achievements and learning, pastoral care arrangements, welfare and health, spiritual, moral social and cultural development of the pupils and the contribution of curricular and extra curricular provision. The full report can be found to the right.

    Some highlights from the report:

    Pupils are well educated in line with the school’s aims to encourage them to achieve their academic and personal potential and to develop skills appropriate to the twenty-first century.

    At all ages, pupils develop a breadth of skills, knowledge and understanding through both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    Pupils throughout the school demonstrate high levels of subject knowledge and understanding, coupled with good creative and physical skills.

    Standards of literacy are high; pupils are articulate and express themselves extremely well.

    Their linguistic skills are of a high quality.

    Pupils achieve much success both nationally and locally in science Olympiads, the UK Maths Challenge and a local speech, drama and music festival.

    Good quality teaching makes an effective contribution to the pupils’ learning and achievement, as do their very positive and enthusiastic attitudes, their excellent behaviour and the relationships they enjoy with the staff and each other.


    The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is a body approved by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in the Independent Schools Council under Section 162 of the Education Act 2002. The purposes of inspection are to ensure that standards are maintained and that schools comply with the relevant legal requirements. Recommendations are included to help schools improve.

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