Personal Development


    “A child with a healthy dose of self-esteem has the best defence against Life’s challenges”

    The Personal Development program throughout the school is designed to help pupils to develop their self-confidence and self-awareness so that they can perform at their best and make choices in their life that will be well informed. The Personal Development sessions encourage pupils them to learn about themselves and how to get along with others. They are given tasks to encourage them to feel good about themselves.

    PD at Fiveways

    At Fiveways the children are guided by the moral code of six Golden Rules;

    • Do listen to people
    • Do be kind and helpful
    • Do be gentle
    • Do be honest
    • Do look after property
    • Do work hard

    The keeping of the Golden Rules is rewarded by a special Golden Time playtime.

    Through weekly Circle times and assemblies, the children learn how to be good citizens.  They learn to work together and make choices, gain an understanding of basic human needs and begin to realise that animals have similar needs too.  Exploring our diverse world and looking at people who help us, enables the children to being to understand their own identity.  Self-confidence is developed as life skills are explored, practised and secured and a foundation laid on which to build future learning.

    Pd in the Junior School

    The children are guided by the school rules to live and thrive in a civilized and respectful community. The expectation for excellence pervades all areas of school life and children are rewarded for achievements both in the classroom and to service within their school community and further afield.

    Membership of the four school Houses, Trinity, Seaford, Chine and Hanover, each with its own much loved House call, provides the children with a strong sense of belonging. Led and guided by their Head of House, the children experience the satisfaction of providing service to others through Bake sales, community carol singing and participation in national Charity appeals.

    Life skills are developed, honed and used at every opportunity, to enable the children to become well rounded and confident citizens of the future.

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