Parent Meetings

    Regular parent meetings are an important way of ensuring school and home work together to support our pupils. At the start of the Autumn term there is a presentation afternoon for parents of new pupils. This is an opportunity for parents to meet form tutors and to receive information on the school’s curricular and extracurricular activities. 
    There are then formal Parents’ Evenings for all year groups throughout the year, including one for parents of new pupils in early October which allows teachers and parents to share information at the start of a pupil's school career. Tutors are happy to meet with parents at any time of the year and where parents have concerns or wish to meet with specific teachers they should not feel they have to wait for the formal meetings, details of which are listed below.
    AUTUMN TERM 2018
    Thursday 27 September Year 7 5.00 pm  
    Thursday 22 November Year 8 5.00 pm Letter to Parents
    Thursday 29 November Year 11 5.00 pm Letter to Parents
    SPRING TERM 2019
    Thursday 17 January Year 9 5.00 pm Letter to Parents
    Thursday 24 January U6 5.00 pm Letter to Parents
    Thursday 31 January  Year 10 5.00 pm  
    Thursday 14 March L6 5.00 pm  
    Wednesday 20 March Year 7 5.00 pm  
    SUMMER TERM 2019
    Tuesday 18 June Year 10 5.00 pm  
    Thursday 20 June L6 5.00 pm  
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