Pastoral Care

    Senior School

    The Form Tutor is at the centre of our pastoral care provision.  He or she is the first point of contact for parents and we hope that pupils will see their Form Tutor as a person with whom they can talk and discuss their lives.  We hope that Ryde School pupils will leave us as confident young men and women, able to take their place in the world; they will be good citizens, aware of the world around them and mindful of the needs of others, following the school motto 'Ut Prosim' (to be of service) and that they will form strong and caring relationships and lead fulfilling lives.

    Each pupil is placed in a tutor group (form) and remains with that group throughout the school.  There are four forms in each year group, each with their own Head of Year.  Each pupil is attached to a House, which exists primarily as a focus for a variety of competitions, ranging from netball and football to the House Song contest and the House Debating competition, and an opportunity for charity work and development of leadership.

    The Second Master, Head of Pastoral Care and the two Senior Teachers have a role beyond the Form Tutor and Head of Year as a further source of support in school.  The School Matron provides both medical and a counselling services for pupils.  We also have a Youth Trust counsellor who visits the School once a week. The Chaplaincy team from All Saints' and our Independent Listeners are others to whom pupils can, and do, turn for advice.

    We encourage young people to take responsibility for their own lives and we emphasise individual responsibility alongside a sense of community.  We offer training to our most senior pupils in skills of “listening” and “coaching”, so that they can support younger children more effectively, helping them in times of difficulty.  In addition Lower Sixth Form students act as form prefects in Years 7 to 10 to help them with school routines and to provide a friendly and accessible contact on the prefect body. 

    Junior School & Fiveways

    We pride ourselves on having a happy and caring community.  Visitors to the school comment on the politeness of our pupils, and the wonderful atmosphere.  We believe that if children are happy, they will gain in confidence and succeed socially, academically and in the breadth of other activities on offer in the school. We stress great importance on knowing, understanding and encouraging each individual child.  We view our school very much as a large family.

    The ‘Special Person’ is at the centre of pastoral care in the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) and the first port of call for all parents.

    When the children move into Years 1 - 6 they are placed in the care of a Form Tutor, or class teacher in Years 1 to 4, who is responsible for their overall welfare. Any queries or problems concerning a child should be addressed to the Tutor in the first instance. The Tutor meets the children daily for registration and deals with all routine matters. In regular weekly Tutor periods the children follow a programme which focuses upon their personal and social development.

    When the Fiveways children transfer to Year 3 and when new children join us in Year 3 or above they are allocated to one of the four Houses (Hanover, Seaford, Trinity and Chine). Each Head of House has overall responsibility for the children in their House and works closely with tutors, parents and pupils to provide a continuity of pastoral care and support throughout their time in the Junior School.

    The School Matron provides both medical and counselling services for pupils.  Pupils can also turn to the Chaplain and our Independent Listeners for support. We are a nationally recognised coaching school with many staff members trained as coaches.

    Parents are very welcome to talk to any member of staff at the beginning and end of school.  Senior members of staff are also available by appointment, should you wish to discuss any matters concerning your child.

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