Physics - the study of how and why things work.  It is the subject that brings us closer to understanding the Universe and seeks to provide the answers to what are unarguably the most exciting questions of all.

    In the Physics Department at Ryde School we aim to enthuse pupils to be interested in the subject immediately with hands on discovery from Year 7 through to those leaving us to read physics-related subjects at university.  In Years 7 and 8, physics is taught as part of the science curriculum, with investigations and project based learning at the core.  We aim to further nurture curiosity via our stimulating Edexcel IGCSE course starting in Year 9, taught over three years.  This provides the time to explore some areas in greater depth and to cover additional material not normally included in the syllabus.

    Studying the subject at Sixth Form level, where students can choose between Edexcel A level and the IB course, provides the opportunity to delve even deeper into the subject.  Both courses provide a solid foundation in Physics and are excellent preparation for university courses in Engineering and Physics.  Many students with plans to study other non-related subjects at university will also choose to study Physics at Sixth Form level because they simply enjoy the subject and want to know more! With both Astrophysics and Particle Physics on the syllabus there is no other subject that can truly claim to offer a study of both the largest and smallest objects in the Universe.

    Some highlights of the GCSE and Sixth Form courses for many students have been trips to CERN in Geneva where they can learn more about the very latest developments in Particle Physics, plus many other UK based trips to universities and scientific institutions to explore physics in action.

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