Progress and Reporting


    Regular feedback on academic progress is an important link between home and School. Throughout each term effort and attainment grades are issued indicating to both pupils and parents areas of strength as well as ones for development.  

    Grade Cards

    Grade cards are issued on average every four weeks and inform parents of their child's attitude to learning in their studies as well as their level of achievement. The regularity of this grading system provides an accurate tracking mechanism indicating levels of both application and resultant achievement.

    Each term one of the grade cards also provides written feedback from the form teacher. These comments not only celebrate high points of achievement but also provide targets and advice to ensure pupils have the opportunity to reach their potential.

    Prior to pupils departing for study leave in Years 11 and Upper Sixth a final set of effort and attainment grades are provided. The grades at this stage are the culmination of our consistent monitoring and should reflect what each pupil is capable of achieving in their final exams, effort grades will reflect a pupil’s application and attitude towards revision both in and out of class. In addition to grades the tutor and headmaster provide their own personal summary of the pupil’s time at Ryde School as well as offering final words of advice before pupils embark on the last stage of their exam preparation.

    Exam Cards

    School exams are taken in December for Year 10 and Lower Sixth, there are also mock exams for Year 11 and Upper Sixth in February. In addition, there are exams for Lower Sixth at the start of the Summer Term and inJune for Years 7 to 10. In the week following these exams, the School issues an Exams Card. These contain not only details of the individual's performance but also information to show how these scores relate to the rest of the year group. In some reporting periods these exam cards also contain comments from subject teachers as well as summary comment by the pupils tutor.

    Full Report 

    Each year every child in Years 7 to 9 and the Lower Sixth is issued with a full report, these reports contain greater detail on a pupil’s progress across the academic year or for exam years provide specific comments on exam preparation. Likewise tutor comments will reflect the complete year as well as the reporting period in question. These reports have the additional dimension of reports from both Heads of Year as well as the Headmaster.

    To ensure pupils make effective use of the information and targets coming from their reports tutors has a key role in carefully monitors their tutees progress; celebrating success for high points and offering guidance and support where needed, they act as the vital link between home and school.



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