The Art department at Ryde School aims to create an environment that not only encourages every pupil’s creative abilities, but also gives them the confidence to express themselves, through appropriately structured schemes of work across all the key stages. Pupils achieve considerable success, across a range of specialisms.

    Teaching is focused on developing artistic skills across a variety of media enabling every pupil real success in some form of visual expression. This is fundamentally supported by the teaching of creative exploration through trial and error. Pupils explore their ideas, through research into contemporary and historical art references, which is supported by visits to galleries and museums, locally and nationally.

    Our teaching is underpinned by a desire to broaden students understanding of the arts and the important role that these play in society today. Challenging preconceived ideas and opening up a world of possibilities in the art world, beyond the classroom.

    Samples of Pupils' Artwork
    Upper Sixth Exhibition 2018
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