Our balanced biology curriculum has something for everyone, from ethics, GM, dissection, history behind vaccination, plant tissue culture and zoos.  Practical activities, such as Biology Battleships, go hand-in-hand with more traditional approaches, experiments and ICT based learning.  Beyond the classroom, we also encourage workplace experience, such as hospital and veterinary visits.

    We also welcome visitors, such as Haven Falconry.  Our fieldwork and outdoor visits include Godshill Cider’s orchards, fossil hunting with Island Gems, the IOW Zoo and the IOW Cheese Company, as well as our own teacher-led work such as river invertebrate sampling, downland vegetation surveys, marine worm sampling and the Art of Baking.  We even had an infra-red “chick-cam” following hatching of eggs from our incubator being viewed globally!

    Our department prides itself on the value we add to pupils when measured in academic success against awards like IB, A2, AS, GCSE and IGCSE but gain even more pleasure when our students, of all abilities, are enthused by biological things; this sets our pupils up for the life beyond School.

    Some enjoy the competitiveness of the Royal Society of Biology’s Olympiad or Challenge Competitions too!

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