History & Politics


    If “The past is another country” where “they do things differently”, then historians are travellers crossing not just continents but centuries, searching out experiences and knowledge that will broaden their minds and deepen their understanding of the human condition.

    At Ryde School, history is seen as an exploration of the past where individual interpretations and new discoveries are as important as established facts and traditional ideas. The History department has invested considerable time and energy in developing an interactive and exciting scheme of work encompassing both the modern technology of a purpose built website with the investigation of actual historical objects.

    The department has taken advantage of national changes in the teaching of history to develop a Key Stage 3 curriculum that takes students from the medieval world of Chaucer to the deepest depths of the 20th century. IGCSE students develop this course with their study of the changing international shape of the modern world and the emergence of the USA as a global power.

    Sixth Form students can take the opportunities offered by the IB and A-level programmes of study to immerse themselves in a range of historical eras stretching from Peter the Great in 17th century Russia, through the grand sweep of 19th and 20th century European history to the dictatorships of such leaders as Mao in China and Peron in Argentina. The courses are taught in a range of styles and are designed to encourage the students to think for themselves and get beneath the surface levels of study and into the depths of personal interpretation.

    Ryde School History Department aims to inspire in pupils not only a love of the past, but also a desire to investigate, challenge and learn for themselves. Pupils have taken such diverse courses at university as International Relations, History, Archaeology and Philosophy, with many targeting careers in the media, government, law and the charitable professions.


    This subject is available only in the Sixth Form. We develop an understanding of the UK political system and current developments, the United Kingdom’s place within the EU and then a thorough investigation into the differing political ideologies that have shaped the modern world.

    Course topics include: The Role of the Prime Minister, The Powers of the Judiciary, Civil Liberties, Pressure Groups, The Electoral System, Political Parties and The History of Political Ideology in Britain. The Ideologies course will cover such well known ideas as democracy, fascism and communism whilst also finding time to investigate the politics of feminism, anarchism and the green movements. A key part of this course will involve considering the histories of these ideas and then applying them to the modern world.

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