There are four words that we believe best describe teaching mathematics at Ryde:

    Fun & challenging

    Supportive & aspirational

    We like to think we present maths in an enjoyable and engaging way that makes it fun. We are always trying to challenge our students, we support them at key points and we aim to encourage them to aspire to great things in maths.

    We try to lay a ground work for maths in Year 7 and 8, following the Maths Links texts. In Year 9 we begin studying for IGCSE, taken in Year 10 or 11. Some students study for the Additional Maths Exam in Year 11 and then there is the whole panoply of different modules to suit different interests and abilities in Sixth Form. Additionally, there is the broad range of levels taken at IB, which runs parallel with A Level. This is the business end of maths at Ryde, but we do so much more!

    We offer clinics every day for any pupil struggling with a topic, run by teachers and in some cases senior students. We engage in the UKMT Maths Challenges for all levels each year, we train groups for the Team Challenges at all levels and we host our own House Maths Team Challenge for all years in the Autumn term. In addition, we issue the "LOVE MATHS" paper on a monthly basis with a new set of rich mathematical tasks offered as a part of an ongoing competition.

    We offer STEP classes after school for those aiming high and wanting to study maths into University. We are very enthusiastic about students pursuing maths beyond school and try to engender that enthusiasm for the subject throughout the School. The maths rooms are busy places at Ryde, with a hum of industry and hard work.

    As a highly qualified mathematics department, we teach with passion and from the heart, sharing our LOVE of MATHS with our pupils. We invite learners to take challenges and make decisions, we encourage originality and invention. We put mathematics where it belongs, at the forefront of our learning!

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