Religious Education

    Studying Religion at Ryde School will equip pupils with skills and the knowledge and understanding of religious perspectives. Pupils will be able to learn about religion and learn from religion and, as naturally inquisitive, pupils will ponder the existence and nature of God, as well as considering practical, ethical or moral issues, such as, poverty and wealth, prejudice and equality. 

    Pupils will identify with the key religious concepts underlying the study of religion, these include:

    • Belief whereby belief in God is identified and described and the meaning of life is explored.
    • Worship with the various and diverse forms of worship within places of worship and the practices of worshippers.
    • Celebrations and the cycle and importance of these within a faith.
    • Authority with an emphasis on the sacred texts and the traditions of those in roles of authority.
    • Lifestyle where there is identification of a faith-community and its practices.
    • Morality and how faith-communities decide about right and wrong, as well as interpretation of their principles, precepts and rules.

    Pupils will take part in lessons designed to challenge their critical thinking with time devoted to debate, discussion and reflection amongst many other different activities.

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