A sound appreciation of science and its application both at a global and local scale is an essential component of living in the 21st Century. Science at Ryde School is driven by determined subject leadership that puts scientific enquiry at the heart of learning.  We aim to develop our pupils’ natural curiosity so they are eager to learn subject content as well as develop the investigative and critical thinking skills that will give them the necessary tools to progress successfully from Years 7 and 8  through IGCSE, into the Sixth Form and beyond.

    Our love of science coupled with substantial expertise in how students learn mean that lessons are not just ‘hands on’ but also ‘minds on’; by learning through enquiry pupils can develop scientific knowledge while also honing skills employed by scientists such as raising questions, formulating testable hypotheses, collecting data, reasoning, reviewing evidence, discussing results and drawing conclusions. Learning, both in and out of the classroom, is enhanced by digital and web based applications, mixing traditional scientific process with cutting-edge educational technology. Students will enjoy discovering the importance of collaboration and communication, developing transferable skills that encourage independent thought vital for problem solving. Lesson content is frequently refreshed to remain abreast with the latest scientific developments with our department having key links to numerous universities, professional institutions and industry sources. Consequently it is not unusual for our students to be having a Skype lesson with a professor from Columbia University, New York, a face to face discussion with an award-winning science broadcaster or visiting innovative start-up companies on the Isle of Wight.

    In Years 7 to 9, science is taught collectively as a core part of the curriculum before lessons are split into biology, chemistry and physics specialisms in Years 10 to 13.

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