The Arts

    In addition to curriculum music, art and drama, there are many other opportunities for pupils to explore the arts and make a real impact on the cultural heart of the school. Our newly appointed Artist in Residence will change on an annual basis, aiming to work in a cross curricular way. This year, creative writing and drama is the focus under the leadership of Sue Bevan whose expertise is in performance art, writing, storytelling, women’s theatre and theatre as a tool for PSHCE. Plans are already afoot for possible Fringe theatre entries.

    Some pupils arrive at Ryde with limited or no musical, art or drama training while others are already adept at a particular instrument or with expertise in a specific area.  We offer a wide range of opportunities.  Musicals and plays in our Theatre (most open to the public), regular art exhibitions in our Gallery, numerous music recitals, orchestras and many other avenues ensure pupils discover and foster their talents.

    Just some of the regular groups are listed below:

    • Extensive range of individual lessons in voice, instruments and theory
    • Full School Choir, Chamber Choir, Junior School Singers, individual singing lessons
    • Concert Orchestra, Swing Band, Junior Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, individual lessons and small groups
    • Autumn and Spring Concerts, House Song Competitions, The Summer Musical, Carol Services, Recitals and annual Music Tour (2018 to Croatia)


    The Autumn Production, Spring Year 7 and 8 play, Summer Musical, House Drama Competition, LAMDA  

    Theatre trips, professional theatre companies and workshop leaders in school, live streaming of plays (National Theatre, West End etc.), support for auditions, directing, designing, lighting, sound, costume, scene painting opportunities. 


    Students are able to take advantage of various extra opportunities throughout the year to support their development in art. Annual trips to various galleries nationally, real-life design briefs from local companies, artist lectures and workshops, art competitions, university visits and workshops.


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