The English Adventure Short Stay

    Our objective in developing short term boarding opportunities is to enhance and support the learning of languages taught at Ryde School, by promoting meaningful opportunities for visiting overseas students to interact with English students who are studying their language.  At Ryde we have a proven track record of facilitating genuine opportunities for children of different nationalities to form lasting friendships.  We have also seen the benefit for all students involved in accelerating their language acquisition.

    We would, therefore, welcome enquiries from groups comprising the following native speakers:

    Spanish, French, German and Mandarin

    Visiting students will:

    Stay in accommodation provided by the School

    Have the opportunity to attend lessons on a fully integrated basis as the school calendar allows

    Enjoy out of school activities with English children, organised by the School

    We regret that due to the structure of the School's year and timetable, we cannot consider any applications for the month of June.


    We have accommodation for 24 to 28 students.

    The cost of a three week option is £2550 (two thousand four hundred pounds) per person

    The cost of a four week option is £3200 (three thousand pounds) per person


    Please note these prices do not include flights or insurance.


    For more details please complete the enquiry form

    To book your place please complete the registration form

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