Year 9

    Curriculum for Year 9

    In Year 9, the timetable is organised so that most subjects have sets (Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities). This arrangement allows the pupils to work at a pace most appropriate to their stage of development and to build on positive achievement. All sets follow the same syllabus and work towards the same core School examinations.

    Pupils do make some choices in Year 9, selecting two subjects from Art, Design Technology, Drama and Music and then studying these for two hours each per week and starting to study either German or Spanish alongside French. Non-native speakers of English may select English as a Second Language at this stage.

    In the Spring term of Year 9 pupils are asked to choose their GCSE subject options. They are encouraged to consult with their parents, teachers, and their tutor before making their final choices. When making their selection, the pupils should take into account their plans for the Sixth Form as some IB and A level options require specific subjects at GCSE. It is usual for pupils to take a GCSE in those subjects which they also intend to study at either IB or A Level.

    Participation in Games and Physical Education remains an integral part of the timetable to ensure that the pupils have a sensible and sustainable balance between their studies and physical activities, as well as PD.

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