Years 7 & 8

    Curriculum for Years 7 and 8

    The two year programme of study is encompassed within the Prep School Baccalaureate which focuses on lifelong skills and includes 'Ryde Global', a combination of intellectual curiosity, watersports and project work. In their first years in the Senior School at pupils are taught in sets broadly based on ability in English, Mathematics and French. Each class has a maximum of 22 pupils which in reality means the average set size is around 18 which ensures classes are small enough for teachers to assess each pupil’s strengths and provide individual attention but large enough for interaction and discussion.

    During Years 7 and 8, the pupils are taught the following subjects:

    • Mathematics
    • English
    • History, Geography, Religious Studies
    • Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
    • Languages – all do French and Year 7 pupils choose between Latin, German and Mandarin with Spanish becoming an option in Year 8
    • Creatives – Art, Design and Technology, Computing Science, Music, Physical Education, Drama

    Pupils also have two hours a week during curriculum time for Games and one lesson per week of Personal Development (PD).

    We believe that this combination provides the pupils with a good foundation for future study. It also enables them to enjoy a timetable which is both balanced and broad, giving them a secure base on which to build their future subject choices.

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