Recent Exam Results
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Recent Exam Results

A Level Results 2023

We are delighted with the Ryde School 2023 A Level grades. Despite the national  backdrop of fewer top grades, 16.3% of grades were A*s which is the highest  achievement at this level since 2014 (excluding Covid-adjusted years). An  impressive 37% of grades were A*- A which is the second highest achievement at  this level since 2014. One in five pupils sitting A Levels achieved three A grades or  better and over a third two A grades or better. Just under two thirds of grades were  at A* - B. There was also a 100% pass rate across the cohort. The IB grades issued  earlier in the summer were also strong with an average Diploma Programme score  of 32.18 which is above the global average. The IB Careers-Related Programme  grades were particularly impressive with half of pupils achieving a distinction or  better in the BTEC part of their programme. The average UCAS points per pupil  across all our academic programmes was 145.23 which is just above the equivalent  of three As at A Level. 

There are some outstanding individual A Level performances to celebrate. Matt  Beasley achieved four A* grades and will go on to study Mathematics at Cambridge,  Joe Caddick gained four A* grades and is heading to Leeds to study Mechanical  Engineering, Will Turrell will also head to Leeds to study Economics and Finance  after achieving three A*s and a B, Daisy Dyer and Tallullah Pearce both achieved  two A*s and an A and will study Medicine at Plymouth and Biology at York  respectively. Nearly all pupils who sat A Levels leave today with a university place. 

The vast majority of pupils who took either of the IB programmes achieved their first choice university offer. There were some excellent individual achievements in the IB  Diploma Programme. Sofija Bajčetić scored a very impressive 43 points (out of a  possible 45) and is going to study Medicinal Chemistry at Constructor University in  Bremen, Germany. Ailsa Nuttall achieved 40 points and is going to study English at  King’s College London. Josh Long scored a very impressive 192 UCAS points in the  IB Career-related Programme and goes on to study Business Economics with Industrial Experience at Exeter. Elsa Wester who achieved 42 points in her Diploma in 2022 has also attained a place to study Biology at Oxford.  

Head Master Will Turner commented “This cohort should be very proud of what they  have achieved and the impressive results are a credit to them and their teachers.  What is particularly noteworthy is the range of destinations and courses pupils are  moving on to. We have pupils going on to study more traditional university courses  such as English, History, Geography, Law, Economics, Psychology, Maths,  Engineering and Sciences. We also have others moving on to courses such as  Forensic Investigation & Cyber Security, Computer Game Design, Maritime Business, Musical Theatre and Dance, Live Events Production and Nursing. This  reflects the wide range of interests among our diverse pupil body and the breadth of  the curriculum offered at the School. Two pupils have also gained sports  scholarships to US universities. All of us at Ryde School wish this cohort the very  best as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.”

GCSE Results 2023

GCSE results are being celebrated today at Ryde School with 41% of all grades at 9, 8 or 7 which represents the best results the School has achieved at this level since the 9-1 grading system was fully introduced (excluding Covid-adjusted years). This is particularly notable given a national trend of fewer top GCSE grades. Ryde School pupils celebrated an impressive 23% of grades at 9 to 8 with 89% of grades at 9 to 4. After all their efforts over the last two years, pupils are justifiably celebrating their achievements.

The School would also like to highlight some outstanding individual grades. Alice Owen achieved nine GCSEs at grade 9 with one subject at grade 8. Wilona Rong attained seven GCSEs at grade 9, two at grade 8 and one at grade 7, while Benjamin Lochhead achieved seven GCSEs at grade 9 and two at grade 8. Sophie Corry, Hugo Gallerwood, Franz Michalos, Elliot O’Sullivan, Matilda Moore and Kavin Sivalingham all achieved seven or more grades 9 or 8 in their subjects. Over a third of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at grade 7 or higher and 64.8% of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at grade 6 or higher. Head Master Will Turner commented,

“Ryde School pupils can be very proud of the grades they have received today. These excellent results are a reflection of their ambition and hard work over the past two years. I would also like to thank their teachers for guiding and supporting them so well throughout their GCSE courses. We are all delighted to see such strong results today following on from the impressive A Level and IB results last week."