Moving to the Island
Independent day & boarding school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18

Moving to the Island

We have more and more children joining the School as a result of their parents deciding to take advantage of Island life. The benefits of moving to the Island are clear – clean, open beaches, sailing and outdoor adventure and a real feeling of a safe, family environment in which to bring up your children yet only minutes from the mainland where many parents choose to work either in London or other southern cities.

The uniqueness of the Island is the diversity of landscapes within it. Families can choose from bustling towns, hills and farmland or open beaches and sailing locations such as Cowes. Known as the UK’s Holiday Isle and the UK’s Dinosaur Isle (due to the large number of dinosaur fossils found here on a regular basis) it is an idyllic place to bring up your children.

Moving to the Island to take advantage of the School and lifestyle is made even easier through the weekly and flexi boarding options we offer, allowing you to work on or off the Island and your children to stay overnight at the boarding house if the need arises.

It only takes 10 minutes on HoverTravel to get to Ryde from Southsea, Portsmouth by hovercraft. Train links from Portsmouth and Southampton take around 90 minutes to London. Gatwick and Heathrow are around 90 minutes by car and Southampton airport has an ever-increasing number of international destinations.

We work with a number of estate agents, several of whom are parents or governors.
Please feel free to ask our advice on moving to the Island or contact: