Curriculum & Learning
Independent day & boarding school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18

Curriculum & Learning


The teaching team in pre-Prep and Prep is highly qualified and experienced and the unique qualities of each child are recognised and nurtured. Our aim is to ensure our children become confident, active and independent learners, equipped with a firm foundation of skills.




Once children turn 4 years old, they move seamlessly into our Reception Class. A busy day includes reading and writing, number work and time to be inquisitive about our world. Children learn to ask questions, to speak Mandarin and Spanish, play games and sing, explore the world around us and create their own masterpieces with a variety of art materials. Our classrooms are packed with interesting things to do and to ignite interest and conversation; children can dress up and play, explore an App on an iPad or curl up with a storybook.

Years 1 & 2 (Key Stage 1)


The Key Stage 1 curriculum, followed in Years 1 and 2, allows the children to continue to develop and apply the skills and knowledge learned in the Foundation Stage, within a curriculum that is more formalised and continues to feed their curiosity. It has reading, writing, numbers and creativity at its heart. As well as an exciting programme of trips out and about on the Isle of Wight, a day may include a lesson of Mandarin or Spanish, using an iPad to learn collaboratively with friends, an opportunity to play a cello or violin, the chance to run around a running track, swing a cricket bat or create a “Log Book” in the forest.


Years 3 - 6


We want our children to have the depth of knowledge, relevant skills and character strengths to lead a purposeful and virtuous life in their modern world. Our enhanced curriculum has been designed with research-informed pedagogic tools at its core: Enquiry-led learning, Habits of Mind and Digital Wisdom. These pedagogic tools are applied across the curriculum to ensure that academic achievement is underpinned by a commitment to values and emotional well-being. The introduction of an overarching ‘Big Idea’ each term provides the focus and inspiration for children’s learning, enabling different themes to be explored in imaginative and creative ways, allowing children to deepen their understanding in ways that best suit them. The organisation of knowledge into five spheres of learning provides coherence between academic subjects that ensures rigour and the development of interdisciplinary habits of mind. Throughout the year, ‘curriculum spotlights’ will focus on subjects to provide even greater academic rigour and depth of knowledge.

The Big Ideas
The Five Spheres
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