Learning Support
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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department headed by Jackie Jones, provides additional support to pupils across the age ranges from Nursery to the Sixth Form.  Support is provided in the form of individual or small group tuition for children whose academic progress has added challenges of specific learning difficulties.

The aim of Learning Support is for pupils to leave capable of operating independently at school or in the workplace. 

On joining Ryde School, Pupils sit a dyslexia screener which can lead to further external assessment should the need arise. Pupils can also be brought to the attention of the department via referrals from parents, teachers and the pupils themselves. 

In Pre-Prep and Prep pupils might be identified to receive extra booster sessions, known as Targeted Intervention Groups (TIGs), or, in some circumstances, learning support lessons from a specialist teacher. They can also have access to sensory circuits at the start of the day to help to engage effectively with the physical, social, emotional and curricular challenges of the school day.

Across the whole school, the first point of support is the class teachers who are equipped with a Learning Support Profile produced for each child that receives Learning Support sessions. These focus on what helps the pupils to learn and what they do not find helpful, therefore focusing on strategies to help them succeed and barriers identified therefore providing strategies for teachers in the classroom.

If pupils require individual or small group support sessions, these are taught using structured, cumulative, multi-sensory methods in a dedicated area that is calm and free from distractions.

Our aim is that pupils with specific learning difficulties will fulfil their potential.

  • Tuition is sometimes included as part of the curriculum and sometimes as additional charged lessons.  Please refer to our fee page charges.

Targeted Intervention Groups (TIGs)

After a period of monitoring, parents are informed if there is any concern that the child is not achieving his or her potential in class, and further assessment by the Learning Support department is generally recommended. The child will join a Targeted Intervention Group (TIG) to support the area of learning they are finding challenging.

Participation in these groups is reviewed each half term.

One to one or small group interventions

Following a referral for early assessment, a decision will be made as to what level of support is appropriate and parents will be informed.

Pupils who are then identified as having additional needs are, with parental permission, assessed by the Learning Support Department. In consultation with staff and parents, Learning Support can be provided for pupils in Maths, English, Study Skills and English as an additional language.

Support lessons are provided for one or two thirty minute sessions each week where individually tailored tuition takes place. 

Lessons are arranged before, after school, or during normal lesson times (apart from Mathematics, Science or English). They may be on a one-to-one basis or shared with one or two other children with similar needs. The number of lessons a child receives is reviewed on a termly basis; there is an additional charge for Learning Support lessons and learning support staff will keep parents informed if and when the provision is likely to change.

The department very much welcomes queries if you wish to discuss your child’s individual needs or if you are seeking advice and would like further information about what the department can offer.