One Year GCSE Pre Sixth Form
Independent day & boarding school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18

One Year GCSE Pre Sixth Form

The Pre-Sixth Form GCSE course is a one year course designed to prepare pupils for Sixth Form studies. An ideal grounding either for the International Baccalaureate or A Level programmes, the course is designed for overseas pupils or those seeking intensive preparation for the Sixth Form.

Designed to ensure pupils have the required language and study skills to move into the Sixth Form, we would expect pupils to study a minimum of five GCSEs in the one year with an average of around seven GCSE qualifications in the one year course.

The main focus of the course is on improving spoken and written English. The course also helps with the acquisition of the learning and thinking skills required for Sixth Form programmes. Students will also achieve GCSE qualifications in core subjects whilst building confidence and aiding integration into the full life of School. For many of these lessons, students will be integrated into mainstream classes with some lessons being taught in small, separate classes in order to provide extra support and to aid their learning. 

Core SubjectsOptional Subjects*

English Language
English as a Second Language (where appropriate)
One science GCSE (typically Biology)


Pupils will follow one or two of the following:

Business Studies**
Computer Science
Design Technology
Geography                                                                        Physical Education
Another Language (French, Spanish, German, Latin)**

* Dependent on availability

**Dependent on previous experience.

As well as the above subjects pupils will have two hours of sport and a Personal Development lesson each week with the chance to take an exam in their own language where possible

 One Year GCSE Course Brochure

What our pupils and parents say

Дополнительный год, который я провела в школе Райд по программе GCSE, дал мне хорошую академическую и моральную подготовку для Sixth Form. Я получила свободу и поддержку в изучении любого вопроса и смогла принять более осознанное и информированное решение о своей дальнейшей программе обучения. Я также развивалась как личность и улучшила свои навыки общения в новой для меня культурной и языковой среде. В результате я смогла плавно и успешно включиться в учёбу в Sixth Form и избежать жёского скачка между GCSE и уровнем IB и A-level. Я рада, что школа Райд предоставила мне такую возможность.

Russian pupil who continued into the Sixth Form 

Die GCSE Prüfungen in Ryde School haben mich als Individuum für die Sixth Form gut vorbereitet, aber sie haben mir auch die Freiheit gegeben, meine Fähigkeiten außerhalb des Klassenzimmers zu erkunden und zu verbessern. Der plötzliche Wechsel vom GCSE zum IB oder A-level ist sicherlich immer schwierig aber Ryde School hat mir die Gelegenheit gegeben, mich gut darauf vorzubereiten.

German Pupil who continued into the Sixth Form

Moving from California to England we were extremely grateful to find Ryde School. Their one year programme allowed my son to complete eight GCSE's and an additional Maths qualification, all with A or A* grades. He continued on to Sixth Form and has since enrolled in a Russell Group University. 

Parent moving their family to the UK from the USA